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Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness

Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness

Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness

Embark on the Ultimate Kilimanjaro Adventure with Safety as Our Top Priority!

At Meet Africa, we offer an extraordinary experience that goes beyond just reaching the summit of Africa's majestic peak. Our brand is synonymous with safety, expertise, and a commitment to ensuring your journey is not only thrilling but also secure every step of the way. Why choose Climbing Kilimanjaro for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure? We understand that altitude sickness is a significant concern for climbers, especially when conquering heights above 9,000 feet. That's why we place the utmost importance on your well-being and have made safety our number one priority.

As you ascend to the breathtaking summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching an impressive altitude of 5,895 meters (19,341 feet), our experienced team will guide you through the unique challenges of extreme altitude. We know that altitude sickness can affect even the most experienced hikers, which is why our guides are extensively trained to recognize the early signs and symptoms, ensuring prompt action to keep you safe. The key to a successful Kilimanjaro expedition lies in proper acclimatization.

With our expert guidance, we will meticulously plan your ascent, allowing your body to adapt gradually to the changing altitude. This careful approach minimizes the risks associated with altitude sickness, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Kilimanjaro's diverse landscapes.

Unlike other treks that require technical climbing skills, Kilimanjaro's accessibility makes it a thrilling adventure suitable for ordinary hikers. However, it's important not to underestimate the potential dangers that come with extreme altitude. At Climbing Kilimanjaro, we ensure that you're well-prepared for the challenges ahead, providing comprehensive pre-trip information, top-quality equipment, and expert guidance throughout your journey. Imagine standing at the summit of Kilimanjaro, witnessing the world from an unparalleled perspective. With our dedicated team by your side, you can embark on this remarkable "walk-up" summit adventure with confidence, knowing that your safety is in capable hands.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond altitude-related concerns. We prioritize your overall well-being and have taken every measure to ensure that your experience is enjoyable, comfortable, and memorable. Our team provides assistance with travel arrangements, accommodations, and delicious meals, leaving you free to focus on the extraordinary journey ahead. Join us at Climbing Kilimanjaro for an adventure of a lifetime. Discover the thrill of conquering Africa's highest peak while having the peace of mind that you're in the hands of seasoned professionals who prioritize your safety above all else. Let us guide you through the challenges of altitude, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose Climbing Kilimanjaro for the ultimate summit experience. Unleash your inner adventurer and conquer the heights with confidence, knowing that we are dedicated to ensuring your safety and providing an exceptional journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Travel Guide

Climbers will get an authoritative resource to Prepare For Mount Kilimanjaro. Our Hints, Tips, Tricks, & Recommendations are available in this free Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Guide. Get In through!

“The best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro depends on the season, each offering unique conditions“
Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness
Kilimanjaro Altitude Sickness
“Embark on the Ultimate Kilimanjaro Adventure with Safety as Our Top Priority!“
Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost
Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost
Experience the Ultimate Kilimanjaro Climb: Quality, Safety, and Unforgettable Adventure!“
“These FAQs should provide you with a good starting point for understanding the key aspects of“
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Kilimanjaro Foods
Kilimanjaro Foods
At Kilimanjaro Foods, we believe that every step forward is a victory, and we are here to ensure
Kilimanjaro Packing List
Kilimanjaro Packing List
This is list is a guide of the recommended equipment to take on a climb of Kilimanjaro.




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Milouda El Kaddouri

Fredy is just amazing!

“This is absolute and top league for me! Anyone who cares for their customers like Fredy does has gotten for victory. The food is first class, whether in the lodges or under a tree in the great outdoors, where lions and zebras and wildebeest share their homeland. Important to mention is the exceptional multiple for a purely plant-based diet. “
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Serina Kaye

Freddie was a wonderful guide

“Freddie was a wonderful guide - hospitable, calm, hard working, trustworthy. He went out of his way each day we spent on safari - ensuring we saw everything, keeping us safe. :) He even brought us to his home town to show us around. Freddie works hard to build real connections with his clientele. 5 stars. :)“
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Charlotte P

The Ultimate Guide

“We were enchanted by the staff at the camps where we stayed. Their infectious enthusiasm shone brightly every time we were in their company, BUT our guide - Fredy Kissay - brilliantly framed our entire trip. Fredy has a wealth of knowledge of all species in the parks and was extremely patient finding animals we came to see. “
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Guide reviews guide

“I have guided international guests throughout Southern and East Africa and have trained guides and game scouts in these areas too. When I am in Tanzania I choose to work with Fredy Kissay of Meet Africa Safari because I recognise that he is an extremely knowledgeable talented guide with a sensitivity to his guests needs. He also has a wealth of experience and local knowledge.“
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Katharina Gräfen

Thank you soooo much!

“From us a more than one hundred percent recommendation for Meet Africa Safari and Freddy! We were out with him for 2 weeks and every day was so special! We have grown so fond of Freddy. He gave us an incredible amount of knowledge about this wonderful country and its wildlife. He is always super attentive, mindful, in a good mood and positive.“

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