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Zanzibar is the independent part of Tanzania in East Africa, and it is inclusive of a large group of islands, which is Unguja and Pemba in the Indian Ocean. Zanzibar Island is a part of Tanzania, but operating their government. It developed off the Zanzibar group of islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of the mainland, and formed of some small islands and two are the big ones. Unguja and Pemba and Unguja is the main island, connected to the informal manner as Zanzibar and Pemba. The initial capital is Zanzibar City, found on an island of Unguja. Also, the famous historical centre is Stone Town, which is one of the World Heritage Site and is also in Unguja.

Zanzibar’s principal activities are organic spices cultivation, raffia, and tourism. Mainly, the islands produce various spices, including cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper. For this determination, all the islands with Tanzania’s including Mafia Island, are sometimes called the Spice Islands.

The winning beaches in Zanzibar with white sand are a utopia, disseminated with a fishing society, where the people live an easy way to of life, indifferent over the years. At the northern angle of the island is Nungwi, surrounded by a road surrounded by banana palms, mangroves, and coconut trees. The west coast of Zanzibar Island, on the beach of Mangapwani, is deserving of a visit. The Kiwengwa, Bwejuu, Matemwe, Pwani Mchangani and Jambiani are the east coast beaches of Zanzibar, all with the extent of bright white sands.

Also, there are small offshore islands called Prison (or Changu) island, which is perfect for a day tour. This is the most admired island with tourists since it is only a short journey from Stone Town. Initially, it was done by Arabs to manage refractory slaves. Then a jail was made by the British but has nevermore been used. The traveller to Zanzibar will notice a large group of old Aldabra tortoises.

When you book a Zanzibar trip there is a lot to see, and still, with plenty of time to enjoy the Indian ocean beach. The tours in Zanzibar is including Stone Town City Tour, Spice Tour, Jozani Forest Tour, Prison Island Boat Trip, Trip to Safari Blue, and Dolphin Watching Tour. We provide both group join and private tour on this package, but we can also help to book for flights and speed boats in and out of Zanzibar.




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Milouda El Kaddouri

Fredy is just amazing!

“This is absolute and top league for me! Anyone who cares for their customers like Fredy does has gotten for victory. The food is first class, whether in the lodges or under a tree in the great outdoors, where lions and zebras and wildebeest share their homeland. Important to mention is the exceptional multiple for a purely plant-based diet. “
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Freddie was a wonderful guide

“Freddie was a wonderful guide - hospitable, calm, hard working, trustworthy. He went out of his way each day we spent on safari - ensuring we saw everything, keeping us safe. :) He even brought us to his home town to show us around. Freddie works hard to build real connections with his clientele. 5 stars. :)“
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The Ultimate Guide

“We were enchanted by the staff at the camps where we stayed. Their infectious enthusiasm shone brightly every time we were in their company, BUT our guide - Fredy Kissay - brilliantly framed our entire trip. Fredy has a wealth of knowledge of all species in the parks and was extremely patient finding animals we came to see. “
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“I have guided international guests throughout Southern and East Africa and have trained guides and game scouts in these areas too. When I am in Tanzania I choose to work with Fredy Kissay of Meet Africa Safari because I recognise that he is an extremely knowledgeable talented guide with a sensitivity to his guests needs. He also has a wealth of experience and local knowledge.“
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Thank you soooo much!

“From us a more than one hundred percent recommendation for Meet Africa Safari and Freddy! We were out with him for 2 weeks and every day was so special! We have grown so fond of Freddy. He gave us an incredible amount of knowledge about this wonderful country and its wildlife. He is always super attentive, mindful, in a good mood and positive.“

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